Every two months I feature a new artist on 1” buttons in my button vending machine located at Pitch Black Printing Co. in Reno, NV.


October - November 2019: Angie Terrell

Angie Terrell is a painter, printmaker and letterpress conservationist. Her work focuses on Nevada wildlife and the occult. She has a bachelors in painting from UNR.

You can find her on Instagram @Fish_Flower_Press.


August - September 2019: nickie robinson

Nickie Robinson is a Reno based artist. Her work is focused around darker themes and macabre surrealism. Her pieces come from occult based inspirations and/or play with subconscious imagery. Most of her artwork is painted with acrylic on canvas to emphasize bold colors and negative spaces for dramatic impact.

Follow her on Instagram at @corvusvisions

Nickie Robinson.jpg


June - July 2019: Christopher Stehman

Christopher Stehman is a graphic designer and the creator of Bloops. Bloops are interesting yellow characters that were influenced by 90’s cartoons and 80’s horror movies. Bloops are also in a way, self portraits of Christopher. You can find Bloops in paintings, stickers, buttons and shirts.

Follow her on Instagram at @kiddafur