Every two months I feature a new artist on 1” buttons in my button vending machine located at Bad Apple Vntg. in Reno, NV.


September - October 2019: Metal Jeff

Metal Jeff may say he’s from Reno, but he might actually be from space which is why he uses it in his art. His work is rooted in heavy music and mythology and hopes to just make weird and interesting pieces.

You can find Jeff on Instagram at @metaljeff



July - August 2019: Teri Barnes

Teri Barnes is a Northern Nevada artist who works with various mediums, including photography, ceramics, and printmaking. She uses abstraction and patterns to bring texture and visual interest to her work and shares her vision of the details in our daily lives that viewers might normally overlook. Teri is beginning the Master of Fine Arts program at Sierra Nevada College this Summer and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at The University of Nevada, Reno in 2017. In her spare time she enjoys taking art workshops, helping with raku ceramic firings at The Wedge Ceramics Studio, and volunteering with Laika Press.

You can find Teri on Instagram at @barnesteri to see more art and follow her journey in grad school.


May - June 2019: Ally Messer

Ally Messer is a maker and artist born and raised in Reno, Nevada. Ally’s work often takes the form of zines, books, soft-sculpture, and installation. She recently received her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree in Printmaking. Ally’s work features fruit and veggie characters to address topics surrounding social justice, women’s craft, beauty standards, and queer identity. Ally values accessibility to art and is increasing accessibility to printmaking in her community through co-founding and teaching workshops at Laika Press. When she’s not printing or making, Ally enjoys a good fruit and putting together penpal packages for her sweet friends.

You can find more of Ally’s work and stay up to date by following her on Instagram @babyavacado!



March - April 2019: Em Jiang

Em Jiang was born and raised in Reno and likes to do a lot of things! They draw a lot, make animations, tattoo (hand-poke), and has recently learned how to crochet. They currently live in Providence, RI studying film and animation at RISD (The Rhode Island School of Design).

Check them out on Instagram at @gentlepokes to follow their tattoo and art etc. and @ems_eyeballs to look inside their sketchbook.


January - February 2019: Ana Mckay

Ana McKay is an artist and illustrator based in her hometown of Reno, Nevada, USA. While Ana's go-to medium is ink on paper, she is always experimenting with different mediums, from fiber and audio to pottery and printmaking. Ana's work is informed by, among other things, handicraft, pop art, nostalgia, medieval imagery, yé-yé, love, girls, fear, and friendship. When she's not making art, Ana can be found DJ-ing and program directing at KWNK 97.7FM, and volunteering at The Holland Project.

You can find Ana's work and get in touch at anamckay.com, and keep up with her on Instagram at @fizzaster



November - December 2018: Kaylyn Dazey Harper

Kaylyn Dazey Harper is your girl when it comes to illustrating badass women, be it in traditional pen and ink or a digital rendering. She’s always ready to draw a babe on a mission. Currently she’s a freelance illustrator, part time designer at StanCan Design, part time designer for Biz Nevada Magazine and part student of animation at Truckee Meadows Community College. Needless to say, she’s either drawing, designing or sleeping. She grew up watching anime and reading manga, which explains her current habit of binge reading Webtoons during vacations... she remember being glued to her mailbox once a month waiting for her subscription of Shonen Jump Magazine to arrive in the mail. She loved that most of the female characters in Japanese media were dynamic heroes in their own right. They were always beautiful, and witty, AND STRONG. She took a look at the women around her in everyday life and uses their stories to inspire new characters and compositions.

Check out her website and follow her on Instagram at @dazey_duck


August - October 2018: Summer Orr

Summer Orr is a multi-media artist living in Reno, Nevada. She likes drawing intense animal imagery in her spare time when she is not making ceramics.

Check out her website and follow her on Instagram at @waxmoth



June - July 2018: Nathaniel Benjamin

Nathaniel Benjamin approaches printmaking and painting through a surrealistic lens, examining the interaction between self and other. Raised mostly in the Midwest, the religious environment of his formative years inspired him to study mysticism and mythology. With this foundation, his artwork seeks to bridge the spiritual and carnal, representing the human figure in an environment as mental as it is physical. He earned his BFA from the University of Nevada, Reno, and actively shows his work in the Great Basin. Recent exhibitions include Saint Mary’s Art Center, Sierra Arts Gallery, and the Holland Project.

Check out his website and follow him at @nathaniel.benjamin on Instagram.


April - May 2018: Haleigh Hoff

Haleigh Hoff is a designer and goods maker, aka a mega freak girl who has somehow found a lifestyle that allows her to make fun things and share them with the world for a living. She is back living in Reno, NV again after a few year stint in Oakland, CA, and is happy to be bak in the 775!

Find her on the internets at @hoffgoods and @hayreehoff or www.haleighhoff.com



February - March 2018: Traci Turner

Traci L. Turner is a painter who uses bold, expressive colors to address deeply personal themes. Her work is a battle between aggressive textures and tender emotions.

Check out her website and follow her @tracilturner